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Julia Litvinskaya, Head of Corporate Development Department of Magnezit Group - www.magnezit.ru

"We thank Fresh Russian Communications company for a thought-out strategy and its excellent implementation on the promotion of very significant project for us by using new media — the exhibition of "Masterpieces of the Russian Museum" series, which took place in 2013 in local house of culture "Magnezit"(Chelyabinsk region, Satka). We are pleased that in such a long and arduous project, we were able to move to the goals, solving various issues promptly, constructively and in proportion to the task. We express our special thanks and appreciation to curator of our project Ksenia Alekseeva for the creative approach, professionalism and a great result. We are pleased to continue our cooperation".

Valery Pystogov, Head of Advertising and PR of "MIA" CB (JSC) — www.mia.ru

"On behalf of "MIA" I express our gratitude to the specialists of the" Finance and Real Estate" group of Fresh Russian Communications agency for their professional approach to the organization of the bank's communication with media. In process of cooperation with agency it has shown itself as a reliable partner to quickly solve any issues, abide the deadlines and perform any work in accordance with KPI.  Project manager Alexey Amelyakin should be noticed specially. He provided qualitative interaction of our speakers with journalists throughout our cooperation. We are looking forward to continue the work with the agency".


Nikolay Gabrielyan, Head of Marketing Department of Financial Markets in "Probusinessbank" — www.life-capital.ru

"On behalf of the Financial Markets Department of OJSC JSCB "Probusinessbank" I express our gratitude to the staff of Fresh Russian Communications Agency and personally its director Ksenia Alekseeva for the effective and interesting cooperation, as well as care for our goals and objectives. I especially would like to note responsiveness to tasks, flexibility and accuracy in the deadlines. All of this is very important in organizing events for our company; agency staff are always very friendly, creative and enterprising. We look forward to further joint productive work".

Ekaterina Bazanova, Brand Manager of SCA - www.sca.com

"On behalf of the company SCA Hygiene Products Russia  we thank Fresh Russian Communications agency for organizing events for our company in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don in order to promote the brand Tork in the Russian market. In 2014, specialists of the agency successfully held activities in "KidBurg" in St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don in the framework of an important social project of our company — "Clean palms" program in 2015. FRC agency helped us to publish a book and hold its presentation in the Russian media. Also it's specialists organized a series of business events for our company. We hope for further effective cooperation".


Alexandr Popov, CEO in EasyFinance.ru - www.easyfinance.ru

"On behalf of EasyFinance.ru we thank the team of specialists of "Finance and Real Estate" practice of Fresh Russian Communications agency. In the course of our cooperation various activities have been effectively implemented. The publication of expert articles and comments of representatives in federal media in the period from November 2012 to March 2015. Also, we are grateful for the responsible attitude to the project, compliance to time limits, a professional approach and increase of incoming requests to the company".


Leonid Tarasov, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Inclusive Dance festival - www.inclusive-dance.ru


"On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the International Inclusive Dance festival, which was held in the third time in Moscow in November 2015, I express my sincere appreciation to specialists of Fresh Russian Communications agency for the high professionalism in the organization of information and communication support of the festival, as well as for the successful organization of work with celebrities. We hope to continue cooperation in 2016".


Pavel Nestratov, director of "New Ballet" theatre - www.newballet.ru

"Moscow State Budget Institution of Culture "Moscow State Musical Theatre of plastic ballet "New Ballet" expresses sincere gratitude for assistance in the advertising and PR-campaign of the premiere performance of the season 2015-2016 "Winter Rose" and the other theater's performances. We appreciate working with your communications agency, and thank you for your professionalism and stable partnership relations. We hope for the continuation of fruitful cooperation".