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Corporative behaviour code of the communication agency Fresh Russian Communications

Fresh Russian Communication agency’s specialists undeviatingly follow the corporative behaviour principles. These principles belong to their  professional activities, and they are officially accepted by the agency.

1. Professional behaviour:

1.1. Procurement of the communication services market development in Russia.

1.2. Putting forward creation and maintenance of the profession’s positive reputation according to our strength.

1.3. Observance of the ethical and lawful principles in the professional activity.

1.4. Professional activity realization in compliance with the society interests.

1.5. Maintenance of the fair competition conditions on the communication services’ market.

2. Interaction with customers:

2.1. Direction of attention toward customers’ business tasks’ solutions.

2.2. Objectivity and clarity of the price formation.

2.3. Conscientious and high-quality accordance of the communication services.

2.4. Observance of the confidentiality and terms of the commercial classified information guarding.

2.5. Conformity of the agency’s accepted customers’ communication pattern: on weekdays – from 9AM to 8PM - by telephone and e-mail, from 8PM to 10PM – by SMS; at weekends – from 10AM to 10PM – by SMS. In case of emergency – by telephone at any time.

3. Interaction with journalists:

3.1. Understanding of the journalist’s profession, respect for journalist’s labour and profession.

3.2. Comprehension of the information production process and observance of the journalism maxims.

3.3. Procurement of the journalists receiving the most fulfilled and reliable information.

3.4. Helping journalists prepare unbiassed materials.

3.5. Observance of the ethical and moral principles in relationships with journalists.

4. Interactions with colleagues:

4.1. Observance of the agency’s work maxims, also its mission, philosophy and vision.

4.2. Mutual aid and support in projects’ realization, exchanging of experience and knowledge.

4.3. Encouragement of the colleagues’ positive initiative and esteem of the variety of opinions and points of view.

4.4. Backing of the corporative and team spirit.

4.5. Benevolent attitude toward each other.

Accepted on the 10th of February 2014